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The right FR clothing to protect from all thermal hazards
Thermal Hazards

Molten Metal Splash Protection

PROBAN® FR Clothing Delivers Unquestionable Protection From Risks of Molten Metal Splash

With the co-existence of moisture and hot metal in a steel mill environment, molten metal splash represents an inherent risk across all production phases of iron and steel. These hot metal splashes act like a vapor explosion with the projection of liquid metal that arises at temperatures exceeding 1,500°C. When hot metal is exposed to open air, the water or vapor transformation can lead to a volume increase by a factor of 1,700 to create pressure waves. When reducing metal comes into contact with moisture, it can lead to oxidation of the metal and generate hydrogen in the environment. Hydrogen burns as it is being produced and can cause a powerful explosion. Explosions also can result from combustion with the oxygen contained in the air.

The latest versions of PROBAN® FR clothing engineered for steel mill workers are designed to deliver unquestionable protection from risks of molten metal splash. They also address obvious heat stress-related issues occurring in steel mills where surrounding temperatures can be above 50oC in the mill regardless of hail, snow, rain, or storm outside.

Electric Arc Flash Protection - FR clothing

Electric Arc Flash Protection