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PROBAN® Benefits

Committed to Keeping You Safe, Satisfied and Ready To Meet the Challenges of Tomorrow

Our product range is diverse, customizable, and above all, is designed with the wearer’s safety and well-being in mind. When compared to synthetic alternatives, PROBAN® offers an optimal combination of benefits, such as performance, comfort, breathability, strength, soft touch and suppleness.

Blue-chip companies regard our innovative line of ultra lightweight materials as a significant improvement on other flame resistant protective clothing alternatives that stand up to even the most extreme heat issues in any environment. 

The extensive range of colors and diverse manufacturing footprint offers more than 1,000 commercially available colors ౼ allowing companies to outfit their workers with the highest level of flame resistant protective clothing that remains true to the visual codes of their core corporate identity.


Durable Flame Resistant Clothing v2

Durability You Can Count On

Protective clothing can be subject to aging caused by wear and tear, wash conditions and environmental exposure, such as sunlight. Unlike synthetic options, PROBAN®  FR clothing has proven performance throughout the life of the garment ౼ it starts strong and stays strong. PROBAN® FR workwear is made with natural fibers and is the perfect choice for outdoor work environments because its fabric strength is unaffected by exposure to sunlight. PROBAN® protects rain or shine.

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Comfortable Flame Resistant Clothing v2

All Day Comfort and Protection

The selection of personal protective workwear must take into account various use scenarios, working environments and risk factors. For instance, heat stress-related issues are a growing concern when managing the personal well-being of employees on the ground. When heat stress is a factor, the natural fibers in PROBAN® FR clothing provide built-in comfort properties, which is a huge advantage versus when compared with synthetic options.

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High-performing Flame Resistant Clothing v2

Unquestionable FR Performance

At Syensqo, we demand the highest standards from our FR clothing. We require flame resistant performance to be profiled at the start and end of a garment’s life and to meet the toughest possible international standards to deliver the highest level of safety, performance and peace of mind. 

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