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PROBAN® Benefits

Unquestionable FR Performance

Our Commitment to Safety

Syensqo cares about the safety of our customers ౼ it is our number one priority. This fundamental belief drove us to establish the world’s largest quality control program ever conducted on flame resistant fabrics at our technical center in the United Kingdom. We take our responsibility very seriously. When it comes to safety, we will not compromise. 

  • Next-level Quality 

While many generic FR materials found on the market claim to be ISO 11612 compliant, they likely would not pass Syensqo's strict FR profiling Quality Assurance program. To confirm this bold assertion, we spot-tested generic materials using a vertical flame test according to ASTM D6413.

Flame Resistance Performance of PROBAN® FR Clothing


Testing revealed that PROBAN® flame resistant fabric was not negatively impacted by exposure to sunlight. However, some of the synthetic clothing alternatives showed a change in char length after UV exposure.

  • After-Glow Avoidance

Although NFPA 2112 closely profiles flame resistant performance after repeated washing and drying cycles, it does not require the reporting of after-glow on bottom edge ignition (ASTM D6413). Fabrics that demonstrate after-glow run the risk of transferring heat to the wearer.  

Some synthetic materials continue to show after-glow after the source of ignition is taken away from the fabric edge. PROBAN® flame resistant fabric, however, does not exhibit after-glow on bottom edge ignition.

Afterglow Demonstration of PROBAN® FR Clothing


  • Protective Clothing Can Save Lives

PROBAN® FR clothing exceeds the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 2112  standard that sets minimum requirements for the design, construction, evaluation and certification of flame resistant clothing. NFPA 2112 was designed to protect FR garment wearers against exposure to flash fire and provide a starting ground for industrial safety managers to build effective flame resistant PPE programs that address the specific risks they face on a daily basis.

Predicted body burn test - PPE - flame resistant fabric

For a garment to pass NFPA 2112 testing, it must exhibit a 50 percent or less total predicted body burn using a standardized burn injury model. According to mannequin test results for NFPA 2112, PROBAN® FR clothing delivers the lowest possible predicted body burn compared to synthetic materials.

Effective protective clothing reduces predicted body burn and thus directly reduces the likelihood of fatal burns. The chart illustrates predicted body burn of individuals wearing PROBAN® FR clothing vs. synthetic FR garments available on the market. The results exclude 7% from the unprotected head. 

According to mannequin test results for NFPA 2112, PROBAN® flame resistant fabric delivers the lowest possible predicted body burn compared to synthetic materials. 

PROBAN® continues to outperform alternative synthetic and generic materials.

Comfortable Flame Resistant Clothing

All Day Comfort and Protection