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PROBAN® Benefits

All Day Comfort and Protection

Safety and Comfort

In high-heat environments, the “comfort factor” is calculated by measuring a fabric’s water vapor resistance (ability to minimize sweat) and thermal resistance (ability to minimize body heat). In terms of comfort, PROBAN® flame resistant clothing outperformed every synthetic option available on the market. The results are clear: flame resistant fabrics based on natural fibers provide better breathability, a softer feel that drapes well, and is more comfortable to wear throughout the day.

Comfort Index of PROBAN® FR Clothing


Our ultralight, NFPA 2112 compliant line further outperforms all of the above options and weighs significantly less than 200 gsm ౼ making it the ideal solution for mitigating heat stress-related issues. It surpasses the industry standard (4.5oz synthetic product) on air permeability, water vapor resistance and thermal resistance. 

Insulated PROBAN® garments provide protection even at extreme temperatures in the coldest climates. In our range, we offer a series of options available for subzero to extreme arctic conditions exceeding -40°C.

High-performing Flame Resistant Clothing

Unquestionable FR Performance